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Amanda Johnson, Board Certified Athletic Trainer, refers to book as “The Law of Conservation of Energy applied to fat loss,” saying that it “explains away the theory that some people are destined to be fat.”

Here is your chance to be one of the first to read The Theory of Fat Loss and discover the TRUTH about why it is so difficult for the average person to burn fat and look amazing.

Dear friend,

If you would like to discover the theory that explains why some people can cut fat so easily with exercise and why others simply cannot no matter what they do, then this might be the most important message you ever read.

I have spent the last 3 years of my life trying to crack the fat loss code by personally training anyone and everyone in my humble little garage training facility. I found out the hard way that there is no simple answer to everyone's fat loss problems! What works for one person never seems to work for another person, and I found this to be quite frustrating!

But one day, I made a simple observation while training a few female graduate students that turned out to be, in my opinion, the missing ingredient in fat loss programs! From there, I went on to modify EVERY SINGLE ONE of my training programs so that I could test out my hypothesis. The results were nothing less than extraordinary.

Rather than keep this a secret from everybody, I decided to write down my ideas, and that is when The Theory of Fat Loss was born!

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If you're reading this, I'm going to take a wild stab in the dark and say that you're not sporting a midsection that deserves its own nickname and that will single-handedly earn you a spot on the next big reality TV show. In the spirit of speculation, I'm also going to go way out on a limb here and say you may not have the body of your dreams in spite of trying everything. Luckily, you've found the right book. If you buy this book, you will not only will you learn why everything didn't work, but also you'll find the something that does.

I was there. I had tried everything. I was 21 years old and could not remember any day in my life that I was happy with what I saw in the mirror. I played all the sports while growing up. I starting lifting weights in high school in addition to varsity swimming, cross-country, and track. When I wasn't out running 8 miles per day, I was swimming 250 laps per day. When I wasn't doing either of these I was in the weight room 6 days per week. Yet I never had anything close to visible abs. Even when I hit the lowest weight I've ever been since puberty during my third and final cross-country season, I never dropped below 18% body fat. So I ran and ran and ran. I ran myself through shin splints. I ran myself into a stress-fracture. The frustration finally caught up with me and my running career ended as soon as I stepped foot in the ER. That day, I accepted that I just was born with a certain “body type” and that nothing was going to change my body composition. The best I could do was stay in shape. I coasted through college at 21% body fat. At least I was consistent!

How does this relate to you? Perhaps you're thinking, “21%! I'd love to be there by the end of next year!” Or perhaps you're thinking, “Why’s this fatty writing this testimonial?” Either way, we both know what it's like not to be happy with our body composition. In fact, I'll venture to say that both of us know what it's like not to even be content. I know the path you've been on, but more importantly I know the new path you will begin by picking up The Theory of Fat Loss. It's the one where you tap into physical and mental potential you never knew you had, and you get the results you want. How do I know? I began 2010 at 21% body fat. I am ending it at 9%. Why? Because I met Tim Ward. I believed in the training paradigm he has presented in this book, and today I am the leanest, strongest, fastest, most flexible, and most muscular I've ever been. I'm not a fitness professional. I'm not an athlete. I'm just a graduate student trying to juggle solid dieting and training with my pursuit of a PhD.

Of course… another fat loss success story, but that doesn't mean this all will work for me,” you may think. And why wouldn't you?! You've tried everything already, and in spite of people seeing results all around you, you never have. Well, this isn't just another program, and it isn't another theory of fat loss; this is THE theory of fat loss. You'll see what I mean after reading it. You'll also stop believing that nothing will work for you. With the skills you will learn here, fat loss will no longer be that insurmountable task perpetually haunting your to-do list with each passing assortment of New Year's resolutions. It will just be something you get done—an exciting ever-challenging part of your routine.

The best part is, you don't have to wait. After reading this book, nothing will be delaying your journey to a head-turning physique anymore. I get the feeling that after reading this book, you will feel like it was created just for you—the one who has tried everything. That’s because it was.

-Jake (Sausage Link) Skrabacz,
UCSB Fellow, Theoretical Physics


What is a system? A system is a blueprint, a methodical procedure or process, that is used to deliver consistent and predictable results. Think about the fast food industry for a minute (ironic considering we are talking about fat loss). Why are fast food chains so successful? They have systems in place to produce the same product over and over again no matter who is in charge. If you want to get your favorite sandwich or burger, you can get it anywhere in the world, and it will taste the same as as it would if you ordered it right down the street. Now that's powerful!

Imagine if the same were true for your exercise system. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a system out there that helped you know that your workouts were actually going to do something?

The Theory of Fat Loss provides you with that system! Get started today with your purchase of this revolutionary book!

I believe that The Theory of Fat Loss is all encompassing. It compiles every rule you need to follow and nothing you don’t if you truly are serious about transforming your body. It applies to the beginner who has never lifted a weight before, to the experienced gym rat who has tried dozens of training programs, and to the fitness professional who makes a living helping people reach their goals.

The book is broken down in such a way that it becomes simple for any gym-goer to instantly apply his theories and get guaranteed results. Timothy's no-nonsense attitude is contagious and will persuade you to believe in yourself and your program. If you cannot get the results you want, then you did not adhere to Tim’s rules, plain and simple.

This book is not a “cookie-cutter” program. Rather, it gives you the tools you need to address specific and individual “limits” in order to prepare you to achieve your own ultimate goals. It encourages you to work at your weaknesses in order to optimize your programming, and as a by-product, yourself. The Theory of Fat Loss stresses both dedication and consistency while providing you with ways to work around your limitations, whether they be physiological (e.g. poor muscular strength) or situational (e.g. no training equipment).

Timothy teaches you how to take any program that coincides with your goals and personalize it to fit your specific needs. Not only will you learn the rules, but you will also receive an explanation for why each of the rules is important. Fat loss is not about blindly following directions. Optimizing your results involves awareness, and The Theory of Fat Loss will provide you with that and so much more.

Congratulations if you buy this book. There is no better way to set yourself up for success. I have personally transformed my body by following Tim’s rules, and I could not be happier with my results. Timothy Ward is a genius!

-Tom Perron,
Distance Coaching Client

What do you get out of The Theory of Fat Loss?

In this book you will discover:

  • The 2 distinct constructs, the theory of absolute intensity and the limiting factor theory, that comprise the theory of fat loss
  • The 9 factors that you can use to objectively determine the effectiveness of your workout
  • The 10 limits that get between you and your fat loss goals
  • How to write effective and INDIVIDUALIZED fat loss programs
  • How to intensify your current program based on your unique needs to blast the fat away

and much, MUCH MORE!

Stop spinning your wheels in the gym

The Theory of Fat Loss is written in profoundly simple terms. It is able to present an intelligent argument on why most fad diets and workouts fail and will also provide its readers with a strategy that they can use to conquer their weight.

Amanda Johnson,
Board Certified Athletic Trainer

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I had the privilege of being trained by Tim as he was in the process of writing this book. It was extremely helpful to be provided with explanations of why my programs were designed the way they were as I was performing them. Tim provides simple and straight-forward presentation of his ideas in a way that is both educational and entertaining. This book is not about ploys, gimmicks, or quick-fix schemes that so many people are looking for in a fat loss program. Achieving one’s fat loss goals requires dedication, hard work, and proper training programs designed for the individual. This book provides knowledge and tools for anyone to be successful in achieving their fat loss goals.

Before I started working out with Tim, my view of strength training was similar to that of many women. I knew it was important, but I was not sure how to go about it or how it would help with fat loss. I thought that lifting heavy weights would make me look bulky, which is the last thing any girl wants. Tim assured me this would not be the case, but I was still a little skeptical. To start out, he designed a basic strength training program for me. It was challenging, and I quickly figured out how weak I was. As I kept training with him, however, I not only got much stronger, but I also began seeing promising changes in the way my body looked.

After I “broke through” (as he calls it) several of my muscular and coordination limitations through his training program, I was ready to train for maximal fat loss. This was just in time for a friend's wedding which was six weeks away. Over the course of these six weeks, my body was challenged in a way it had never been before. If I had not gained strength prior to starting this training phase, it would not have been nearly as challenging, and I know that I would not have gotten anywhere near the same results. At the end of each workout, which only lasted around 30 minutes, I felt like I accomplished so much more than I would have jogging on the treadmill for twice as long. Training with Tim allowed me to accomplish things I did not think were possible. I am the strongest and fittest I have ever been, and his book is highly recommended.

Katie Hoppis,
BS Nutrition Sciences

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Timothy Ward
Author, The Theory of Fat Loss

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